wine day

It’s Wine Day! Do we really need an excuse to drink a glass of wine?


It’s Brother’s day! Isn’t a good day to get in touch with your siblings or spend some time with them?

How GDPR Will Affect Marketing | London Creative Designs

From tomorrow 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will be implemented across the EU. This new law seeks to improve the transparency of our data on the internet. Companies will now need to ask for permission to use specific data. But How GDPR will affect marketing? Check out our blog post to find out more.

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Our team attending Virgin Startups event about how to create social media strategy for start-ups and small businesses. Hugh Thomas, co-founder of Ugly, a natural fruit flavoured sparkling water, talking about the importance of build social media presence before launching a business. WeWork

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Since today is Title Track day, we thought we would celebrate by showing off a design we did for a very talented musician. Haley Myles is an exceptional classical pianist - please do check out her work and see where she is performing!
We hope you like the design too! Happy Website Wednesday!

Introducing Content Marketing

Nowadays, 90% of all organisation markets use CM. A brand blog represents a less invasive way of marketing your brand, and it creates a more intimate relationship with your audience.

It's Sherlock Holmes day! If you are in London, what better way to celebrate this day visiting Sherlock museum on Baker Street?

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Happy Tuesday! Our graphic design interns Rochelle and Yi working on new exciting projects! Let’s get productive, today!

Why WordPress is the most popular CMS | London Creative Designs

Whether you think to open a business website or a personal blog, the first CMS to come to your mind is Wordpress. But what makes Wordpress so popular? We’ve written an article about why the platform is still the best CMS around.

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Today, we are celebrating World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. Which city is better than London to celebrate this day? London is the world’s capital of diversity and no wonder if our team is a mix of different cultures!

Knock knock it’s Prosecco o’clock! We know how to have fun here at WeWork on a Friday afternoon! Plus, it is also pizza party day if you didn’t know! So grab a slice of pizza and..see you in a Prosecco!

5 Exciting Instagram Updates Coming in 2018 - Later Blog

New exciting updates are coming up in 2018 on Instagram! We think the new channels feature on explore page is pretty cool! Via Later

It’s Time You Stop Comparing Yourself To What You See On Instagram

’Winning is not defined by me or your parents or even the market. It is defined by you’

Gary Vaynerchuck

It's World Baking Day! BAKE the world a better place, today!

Hump Day!

We made it through Monday and Tuesday! Keep working hard! Weekend is just around the corner!

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It seems that hard work makes people hungry here at wework! We just came 10 minutes later, and half of the food was already gone! But we could still enjoy the last tuna sandwiches!

Stop Complaining! Leave the negative thoughts at home today and start a new week with positive vibes!

Happy Mother’s day! Mothers are our heroes. We should celebrate them each day of the year!

Saturday Mood.. Oh Yes!

The Future Landscape of Social Media (Ep. 6) | Forbes

What's the next big thing in social media? In this 3 minutes video, Forbes asks professionals and influencers their thoughts about the future of social media.

Our intern, Patrek, has that Friday feeling. He’s ready to take on the weekend! 💪🏽

Is the Instagram Shadowban Killing Your Engagement? Here’s How to Fix It - Later Blog

Shadowban on Instagram. What it is and how to avoid the infamous social ban.
Via latermedia.

OMG, it’s #EatWhatYouWantDay! Plus, it’s also Friday. We couldn’t be any happier!

Micro-Influencers: The Future of Influencing? | The Business of Influence | Forbes

“When you’re working with these micro-influencers, they have these authentic connections to their followers, and there’s so much more trust there.”

Do you think micro-influencers are the future of influencer marketing?

How To Get Your Business on Google | London Creative Designs

How to get your business on Google?

When it comes to promoting your business, of course you want it on the most popular and powerful search engine in the world - Google. Therefore, we’ve written a blog post explaining how to get your business featured on Google, plus how to leverage all the amazing features of Google+.

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The sun is shining today in London!

Did you know that a beautiful office helps people to be more productive? Looking at this sunny sky while working make us happier and then more creative!

How does your workplace environment influence you?

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Happy Saturday! We hope you're having a great bank holiday weekend!

If you live in London, why don't you enjoy a cocktail at @aviaryLDN? located in Finsbury square, this bar is an iconic rooftop known for its opulent style and high-quality food. Plus, the view is spectacular and the sun is finally shining! (well, this picture wasn't actually taken today!!)

Where are you guys enjoying the sun today? Tell us in the comments below!

It’s Friday. Let’s rock the weekend!

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Let’s take a moment to be thankful for all we’ve got so far. At LCD, we’re infinitely grateful to do what we love and we’re constantly trying to inspire people to do the same.

Because no man is an island and everyone needs to be inspired.

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It's Website Wednesday! Today, we're showcasing a website we're currently working on but we haven't yet finished. It is for a leadership consulting company and we wanted to design something that was a little bit different and stood out a lot more. Here's what we've done so far! Do let us know what you think :)
What have you guys been designing this week?

We all know that the road to success is not easy.. the first step to achieve your goals is listening to others! Accepting constructive criticism and advices will help you become the best version of yourselves.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, start now.

Only the sky is the limit!

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Do you remember our happiness to leave work last Friday ? Well.. it’s already over! Sunday should definitely be 48 hours! We need more time to get ready for Monday.

How's your Monday going so far ?

Outsourcing: Key To Business Success? | London Creative Designs

What benefits and drawbacks does outsourcing present ?

This Sunday, we explore the effectiveness of implementing outsourcing strategy for businesses.

Read the article and let us know your opinion.

Do you think outsourcing is the future of a successful business?

Thanks God Its Friday!

Leaving the office on Friday like..


Is social media app VERO here to stay ?

If you are social media savvy, you’ve probably heard about VERO. The new app seeks to challenge social media giants by cutting out paid ads and the trending algorithm.

The social network allows users to share videos and images, but also your favourite music, books and places to recommend to your friends.

Do you think VERO will be just another flash-in the-pan social network or it is here to stay?

We're pleased to see the launch of the Richardson Bailey website. If you're looking for a job within the judicial services sector, then they're the guys to see!

We ensured their website was clean and very "British and proud"! Stay tuned for their LMS which is also being released this week.

Let us know what you think about their website design!
Check them out on Facebook too!

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Get out of your comfort zone.
Three tips to step outside of your comfort zone. Because nothing major ever happens there!

- Be ready to feel vulnerable: as you’re leaving your comfort zone behind, you are also more exposed to failure. Accepting possible disappointments is the first step to success.

- Give yourself time: stepping outside your comfort zone is not easy, and you should take time to carefully evaluate and plan what to do next.

- Don’t be afraid to reach out - it doesn’t make you look any weaker

Are you ready to take the risk ?

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We've been enjoying the sun far too much this weekend! Can't believe Monday is here already! What did you guys get up to this weekend?
Most people are posting motivational stuff today, but not us - we still wish it was the weekend!

The Importance of Social Media in Business | London Creative Designs

Sundays are made for relaxing or for some interesting reading. Check one of our blog post on the importance of using social media as a platform for businesses to engage with their audience and drive sales.

If you’re reading this post, then you probably know how important it is already!

Which social network do you prefer and why ?

He Loves Me, McDonalds Commercial 1 minute Long version MJPitts

How’s your Saturday going so far?
Take a break and watch this funny commercial from @macdonalds

Why online video is the future of content marketing

Video content: The future of social media. Today, we want to share with you our Thursday Thoughts about why video do it better than anything else on social networks.

1. Consumers are 30-50% more likely to remember the video/brand compared to just the 10% of people who simply read content
2. In 2017, 880 million of Facebook videos had the highest average engagement compared to any other type of media content
3. The power of storytelling: Videos help to tell a story which help marketers to build the brand's personality.

Credit #ootsmedia

Do you love videomarketing yet ? | The pioneering performance marketing agency

This Website Wednesday, we’re delighted to present the first performance marketing agency focused on health and tech. We love that Performance IO is an innovative company helping out many businesses on the road to success. Therefore, we are proud to have helped this company launch their beautiful website! With offices in London, New York and Kolkata, they provide SEO, PPC, Paid Social and CRO to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

They also offer free 30 minutes consultation without any future obligations. Check out their website at

Stay tuned to see branded collaterals too!

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Why do people hate Mondays? We love what we do so we love Mondays! We think that Mondays is just another day to be KILLING IT!!

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Our Los Angeles office is open today, and what a day it is!! Who says working on a Sunday is depressing?!

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Aren't Fridays just the best? Team bonding with pizza and drinks!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

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When you decide to come into the office on the weekend and it looks like a scene out of 28 days later...

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WE MADE IT!!! It's Friday!! Let's have some fun!! Have a good weekend everyone! Share your plans with us!

Drinking at London Creative Designs

It’s THROWBACK THURSDAY and we’re looking at this vid from a year ago where one of our interns spent her bday having random spirits (and #tabasco) poured down her neck! Welcome to London Creative Designs!

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For today's Wednesday Wisdom, we're bringing you some web design tips. So, we want to mention 4 things that are absolutely essential to website design and development, but can often get overlooked:

1. Website Speed: If your website doesn't load within 3s, it's no good. Check Google PageSpeeds for your score and try to optimise your site to improve the speed.
2. Branding: good branding can change everything. Ensure you have a strong graphic designer to help you.
3. Responsive: absolutely essential - no excuses!
4. Social: don't forget to link your social media channels to your website. It also does wonders for your SEO!

Ask us if you want more info!